In the natural world the vibrant exuberance of enticing and often
forbidding forms, all with an endless array of textures and clashing colors, excites me even as I struggle to accept its impermanence.

Seeking to express my profound wonder for the natural world, I turn to jewelry with its intimate connection to the body. Jewelry has the magical ability to transform how a person presents oneself while bringing a sense of theater into our lives. Why be so cautious with our adornment, our “costumes”, before we exit this stage? I am enamored of the brooch as a sculptural form and the ease with which it can be worn and brought to life by the movement of the wearer.

My use of vitreous enamels (glass fired on metal at 1500F/800C) is irreverent but skilled and it complements my intuitive process of responding to a piece as it evolves. This openness often results in a piece that I didn’t foresee at the start but that is consistently rooted in its underlying geometric beginnings.